The Importance of News in Social Change Communications


News is an important part of a person’s life. It makes them aware of events happening around them, such as weather forecasts and train timings. It also provides them with information on important policies made by the government. Newspapers often have columns on job opportunities and educational opportunities that help readers learn about the various options available to them. These stories are a great source of information, and they help make readers more educated and aware.

Information that makes a reader say, “Gee Whiz”

Good news is information that makes a reader say, “Ghee Whiz!” Good news is readable, short and picturesque. It should make the reader say, “Gee Whiz!” This expression has been lost in the plethora of sources that bombard us with daily news. Gee Whiz news is information that makes the reader say, “Gee, this is really interesting!”

Stories that have a strong impact

Stories have a unique power to reach people’s hearts and change perceptions. They can also inspire action. Stories put a face to an organization or a person, which is particularly powerful in the context of social change communications.

Stories that incorporate violence and scandal

Stories that incorporate violence and scandal are often told from the perspective of a woman. The “virgin cleansing” myth, for example, is widely believed in Southern Africa that raping young girls or infants will cleanse men of HIV/AIDS. It is believed that by raping a young girl, men will be purified of the disease and be able to avoid contracting the disease for life. In this case, Magda’s abuse occurred before the AIDS epidemic had spread, but the story is nonetheless important because of the male violence that characterized her life. The story also reveals the ambiguity and complicity of her family and a broader historical perspective.

Stories that are familiar and local

Storytellers in many cultures and locations tell stories with familiar settings and characters. Stories set in familiar places tend to be more personal, focusing on relationships and everyday mishaps and triumphs. The stories can be localized, taking place in a town, city, or township, or they can be global in scope.

Stories that are timely

The impact of a story diminishes as it becomes out-of-date. A breaking news story is an excellent example of a story that must be timely. Breaking news stories almost always leverage the news value of timing. In June, for example, a story on the price of gas on NPR was timely. However, by the time you posted the story on your blog, the gas price may have changed. By making a story timely, readers will care about it more.