Relationships 101


Relationships encompass many kinds of human connections

Relationships encompass many kinds of human connections, including romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships. There are also other types, such as work relationships, community or group relationships, and acquaintanceships. Some of these types overlap with each other. For example, a work relationship may include a close friend.

They can be positive or negative

Relationships are often considered positive or negative, depending on whether the individuals involved are happy or unhappy. A positive relationship makes people feel good about themselves and others, and fosters trust and values. On the other hand, negative relationships tend to make people feel untrusted and undervalued. As a result, negative relationships may not only negatively impact a person’s mental health, but also his or her physical health.

They can be toxic

Toxic relationships are unpredictable, draining, unsustainable, and addictive. These relationships often stem from difficult problems faced by one or both partners. This can include untreated mental health issues.

They require a lot of work

Relationships are not always easy. Creating an emotionally healthy, satisfying relationship is a process that takes time and intention. The work and effort involved in a relationship should be balanced with the fun and joy you experience together. It is a warning sign that a relationship is not working if you are not enjoying yourself together. The rewards of your efforts will be a deeper emotional connection.

They can be a team

Good relationships are a team effort. They endure adversity and work to fulfill each other’s needs. Good relationships are also built on trust and communication. One partner has to anticipate the other’s needs and put their needs before their own. Teamwork requires hard work.

They require a strong sense of self

To thrive in relationships, it is vital that you have a strong sense of self. A strong sense of self allows you to express yourself and set your own boundaries. Without one, you may find yourself compromising your values or trying to please others. You might also feel worthless or hopeless, and you may be prone to say yes to requests that aren’t right for you.