Content Analysis of News Values


A story can be newsworthy if it has an impact on society. Crimes are often big news stories, but there are also smaller stories that are just as fascinating. For example, there are stories about human interest, or human suffering, and stories about money. Stories about money include school fees, taxes, the Budget, wage increases, and compensation claims. Even stories about the smallest amounts of money can be exciting.

Content analysis of news values

Content analysis of news values is a useful framework for analyzing news stories, especially for journalists and other media practitioners. The concept of news value is vital in today’s mediated society, where a number of different factors influence how news is perceived by audiences. For instance, advertisers, journalists, and public relations practitioners can all influence the value of a news story.

Human interest stories

One of the most compelling and important aspects of human interest stories is the personal angle. For example, a young man who commits suicide in Africa may represent the future of a revolution and is a good candidate for journalistic coverage. Similarly, a young woman committing suicide in England may represent a future social trend, but that doesn’t necessarily make her a good story to tell.

Impact of a story

The impact of a story in news is based on several factors. For example, it is important to understand the audience for a particular news story. If there are a lot of people affected by a story, it is more likely to be newsworthy. Another factor that can affect the impact of a story in news is its magnitude. Usually, an event’s impact is greater if it affects many people or involves a lot of resources.


Recent research has demonstrated that news can be relevant to individuals. However, research on the relevance of news has not systematically examined the role of relevance in news curation. This study aims to understand how news users construct relevance. By using linguistic strategies to analyze the language of news stories, we can uncover the factors that influence the relevance of news to individuals.


Reliability of news can be tested by analyzing how websites and publications classify news. According to Le Monde, the top 10 most reliable websites have just four out of ten points of reliability. However, this list includes websites that promote extreme right-wing politics and conspiracy theories. Moreover, major social media platforms rank poorly, as they receive links from unreliable sites.


Magnitude of news is a quantitative measure of how new information affects markets. Different types of news affect different markets in different ways. For example, news about the economy can have different effects on stocks and bonds than news from central banks. In general, stocks move less after a central bank announcement. Magnitude of news can be useful for academics and practitioners looking for a better understanding of the impacts of news in the financial markets.